Sam Raimi talks about 'Drag Me To Hell' and there are Photos

by Joey Paur

Sam Raimi's ‘Drag Me To Hell' horror movie looks like it is going to be a great ride. It is great that he has gone back to do a gritty horror film. He recently sat down with MTV for an interview regarding his new film and He had some pretty interesting things to say. So here are some of the interview Highlights with the pictures..On whether he looks at ‘Drag Me To Hell' as a return to his Horror Roots:

Not really. What happened was, I've been very fortunate to make these big "Spider-Man" movies - which I love making - with very big budgets. I was going to make a very small movie. ... This script was one I wrote with my brother many years ago, but we couldn't get the money to make it with the director we wanted at the time. I decided it would be a great change for me to get back to the basics of filmmaking, a chance to work with a smaller budget and challenge myself with the more old-fashioned ways - not being able to afford a crane every day, covering five or six pages of material every day, back to those basics of less luxurious filmmaking. I thought that would be refreshing.

On what the title of the film means and what the film is basically about.

This is the story of a woman, Alison Lohman, who is very much in love with Justin Long's character. She makes a sinful choice so she can be with the man she loves, and then she ends up paying the price, dearly. The thing she's running from is this curse. ... In three days' time, unless she can figure out how to get out of it, she's going to be dragged by this demon down to hell.

Will Raimi take his audience to Hell?

I don't want to say, because I want to surprise the audience. This film is trying to be like a "spook-a-blast," which is those cheesy carnival rides you get on and you're jerked around in the darkness, wondering if a skeleton will pop out. You're asking me, "Is a skeleton going to pop out?" So I just can't, in good conscience, answer that question. Instead I'll say, "No comment." [Laughs.] I've always wanted to say that: "No comment."

In 30 Years of Interviews Raimi has never said "No Comment".

What are five films Raimi would have us watch at the Sam Raimi Halloween film festival if there was one.

Wow. Robert Wise's "The Haunting," based on the Shirley Jackson novella. George Romero's "Night of the Living Dead." These aren't in order, by the way. The great European filmmaker Alejandro Amenabar's "The Others" with Nicole Kidman - that was spooky. Then there's Takashi Shimizu's original Japanese "Ju-On," or the American remake, "The Grudge." But unfortunately, I was involved in the American one, so I'd better say "Ju-On." Fantastic spooky is what really scares me, so I would also recommend "Chinese Ghost Story" for fun.

Out of any of the movies he has worked he has to pick Evil Daed over 'The Grudge'! Come on!

What he thinks about fun size candy bars.

"Fun size" means lame size! Just give a normal-size candy bar to those kids, for crying out loud! They got all dressed up, and they came to your house. Give 'em a candy bar! Just spill the chocolate already.

You can go to MTV and read the full article it is a pretty fun interview to read. 'Drag me to Hell' doesn't come out unitl May of next year.


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