Joaquin Phoenix will no longer make movies... Seriously he's done.

by Joey Paur

This is some pretty crazy news if you ask me. Joaquin Phoenix is an incredibly talented actor and I always look forward to what he will be doing next. It looks like nothing. 'Extra' caught up with Phoenix at a Paul Newman benefit and here is what he said:

"I want to take this opportunity... also to give you the exclusive and just talk a little bit about the fact that this will be my last performance as an actor... I'm not doing films anymore."

Extra asked if he was serious he replied:

"Yeah. I'm working on my music. I'm done. I've been through that."

His reps were contacted to confirm what he said and here is what his rep said.

"That is what he told me."

Casey afflect was also present when Phoenix broke the news his reply was:

"I don't think he's kidding. He's got music and stuff."

So there it is. Joaquin Phoenix is out. He has left acting to focus on his music. I have to say that's pretty cool and a little sad. I wish him the best of luck with his music. Part of me wonders if it is all a joke, and if its not, do you think he will ever return to acting again in the future?