Dr. Venkman Reviews: 'Lakeview Terrace'

by Joey Paur

Samuel L. Jackson is one hell of an asshole in this movie. The movie looked interesting, but the same old story has been told before. The difference with this one is the acting is really good and you feel the frustration and tension going on. You really believe what is going on. That some crazy shit like this is actually possible.The movie is exactly what the trailer says it is. A couple moves in next door to a LAPD cop named Able. He is just a little crazy in the head, crazy enough to make some really jacked up decisions. This new couple that moves in next door to Abel are actually really nice people just trying to get their lives started. What gets the ball rolling and why Able starts to go off on them is because they an interracial couple. Able is just a dick in this movie and will stop at nothing to get this couple to move out of the neighborhood.

Every scene in this movie where Chris played by Patrick Wilson goes to confront Able is just uncomfortable because it's this crazy awkward strange situation that you hope you never find your self in the middle of. The chemistry between the two actors was very good. I wonder if they really hated each other or if they were cracking jokes in between scenes. I'm sure they had fun with it.

Samuel L. Jackson played Able and he was awesome in this movie. He had this disturbing crazy ass look in his eyes. You really get to see that this guy is nuts. Samuel L. Jackson is a very good actor. He has done a lot of movies recently where he just plays cool guy Samuel L. Jackson, but in this movie he brought much more depth to the character he played. I think it is one of his best roles as an actor. Patrick Wilson is also in the film and he also does a great job. He is not a big time actor, but he will find his way their. The guy is very talented and you can't help but like the characters he plays. He will be playing Night Owl in ‘Watchmen'. Everyone else in the film was decent. Kerry Washington played Chris' wife Lisa, and Jay Hernandez has a small role as Able partner.

There are a few holes and loose ends that aren't tied up, but it doesn't distract from the movie until after it is over and you get a chance to start thinking about it. Then your like "oh wait! what happened to so and so?"

I thought the film was pretty good. It is one that you don't need to see in the theaters it will make a great rental. If you are looking to see Samuel L. Jackson act like a crazy ass jerk then this is the movie for you. He was great in this film. It was a very well made and polished frustratingly fun thriller. 

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