4 Studios Bidding on Video Game that hasn't even come out yet.

by Joey Paur

Universal, Paramount, New Regency, and MGM are locked in a battle for the rights to an upcoming EA video game that will most likely be called 'Dante's Inferno'. The game will be a modern interpretation of the epic poem, which involves a journey through the depths of hell. It will be released next year. Variety reports:

By Thursday evening, Universal, Paramount, New Regency and MGM were battling for the property, after Warner Bros. dropped out earlier in the day. Competition underscores the fact that as studios swing for the fences on branded properties with tentpole potential, videogames are becoming the hottest segment of the marketplace, despite their spotty box office track record.

Deal is unusual in that "Dante’s Inferno" has not been released or even shown to the public. Typically studios like to see how videogames sell, or at least are received in early press previews, before committing to a deal.

Well, I guess they see something in the story. Do they even know what it is, other than what has been reported on? They must know something if these studios are going crazy over it. I am interested to find out more information.

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