28 Months Later may have a director

by Joey Paur

It looks like '28 Months Later' has found it self a director. I am a big fan of the first Zombie film '28 Days Later' it was a very different take on the zombie genre. 28 Weeks later was good, but not great. I liked it and had a fun time. To be honest I could go for a '28 Months Later' just because most the Zombie films that have come out since '28 Days Later' have been pretty weak sauce. At one point Danny Boyle the original director for '28 Days Later' seemed interested in making another zombie flick. He said it would be set in Russia.

Now Arrow in the head news has reported that '28 Months Later' will be directed by Paul Andrew Williams. He directed a film called 'The Cottage' which I hear is good but have yet to see it. I am not sure if Williams will be a good director for this or not. People seem to be pretty excited about him directing it. I really want to finally see another good zombie film. I love zombie films but they are just getting very uninteresting these days.

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