Guillermo del Toro talks about the entire Pentology of Middle Earth!

by Joey Paur

Who isn't excited for the two new Middle Earth films being made? Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro are hard at work on writing scripts for 'The Hobbit' and the bridge film. But wait! Its not a bridge film! The two Hobbit movies are going to be one continuous journey of filmmaking greatness. Guillermo del Toro had a little chat with MTV in an interview regarding the two films and how they are coming along. 

During the scriptwriting meeting everybody seemed to come to a realization:

"The reality is that we stopped talking the first movie and second movie, and we just started taking about the movie - the two episodes, or two parts, as if they were a single piece of narrative,"

"We don't even call it the bridge movie, we just call it ‘The Movie.' And this is great. When we found what reverberated, and we found it in one of our virtual meetings - we understood. It's a movie."

Well, I hope so! I look at the 'Lord of the Rings' and see it as one film, not three separate movies. Now it seems like where they are going is that The Hobbit movie will connect with 'The Lord of the Rings' and all come together as one mammoth movie. del Toro goes on to say that the end of the second Hobbit film will lead right in where 'The Fellowship of the Ring' starts off. Awesome!

"We all agree that if we do our job right, it should all feel like a continuous journey. That's what we're striving for," Del Toro said. "You should see a movie that's five pictures long. If we do our job right, you put in ‘The Hobbit' and you wind up watching the entire Pentology!"

Yesssssssssss! I love this! I already can't wait to watch all of them back to back in one sitting on Blu-Ray! What a great day off that would be. How great is this all sounding right now?

If you want an idea of where the first movie will leave off del Toro thows out this little nugget of info.

"I think Smaug dies in the first movie. So draw your own conclusions."


I'm sorry, this is just getting more and more awesome, and we are only going to get more and more information. I am incredibly geeked out right now just thinking about watching this flick. 


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