New Weezer Troublemaker Music Video

by Joey Paur

We here at GeekTyrant can't help but love Weezer. So here is the music video for Troublemaker. What is amazing about this music video is the band shot the video for Troublemaker in Los Angeles where they brought in fans to help them break several world records. The entire shoot was overseen by Guiness Book of World Records official Stuart Claxton, who was there to verify the group's record-breaking efforts and verify the events which included:

  • Longest Guitar Hero World Tour Marathon, lasting for 10 hours, 12 minutes and 54 seconds

  • Largest Air Guitar Ensemble which included 233 participants

  • Largest Game of Dodgeball which consisted of two teams of 50 people each

  • Most People in a Custard Pie Fight with 120 individuals
    The Biggest Weezer Logo Made of Nachos

  • Most People Riding on a Skateboard with 22 people on a single ride


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