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This last weekend was the 40th of 2008. This same week 5 years ago, the number one movie in the country was the Jack Black comedy School of Rock. I thought this movie was very funny when I first saw it, and that is still my opinion today. I think Jack Black is one of the few comedic actors that can get laughs without saying a word. He can produce laughs even in a bad movie. For example, Saving Silverman – Terrible movie, but Jack makes you laugh.




Top five movies at the box office during the 40th weekend of 2003.




1.    School of Rock – 19.62


2.    Out of Time – 16.19


3.    The Rundown – 9.68


4.    Under the Tuscan Sun –7.68


5.    Secondhand Lions – 5.18




School of Rock went on to gross over 81 million dollars domestically.** In honor of this recognition in box office history, I propose you do at least one of a few things.




1.    Watch Be Kind, Rewind. I bet you thought I was going to say watch School of Rock, huh? Well, that would be too easy. Be Kind Rewind is one of those low budget movies you may not have heard of yet. It came out early this year, and was released on DVD a couple of months ago. It’s not great, but it is good, with a good heart, and Jack Black singing the Ghostbusters theme will make you laugh.





2.    Watch High Fidelity. Still Jack Black’s best movie! John Cusack is awesome, and the movie is funny.





3.    Find the clips of him hosting Saturday Night Live in 2005. His King Kong song and Appalachian Emergency Room were hilarious.




4.    Watch I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. NOT THE WHOLE THING. The movie is not good, but fast-forward to the part where the guy with dreadlocks gets killed. I’ll bet you didn’t know Jack Black was in that movie. By the way, you can do that with The Jackyl (Bruce Willis buys weapons from him, then kills him) too.




** Source – All dollar amounts are courtesy of boxofficemojo.com 


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