Time to Hype up Wolverine and Deadpool in X-Men Origins Flick

by Joey Paur

Not by me of course. Producer Laurewn Shuler of X-Men Origins: Wolverine recently spoke with comingsoon.net about the film, in process she tries to tease the fans about Wolverine and Deadpool. I'm not falling for it because I know the truth! Here is what she had to say:

May 1st, 2009! I guess it's closer to the first "X-Men" in tone because it's a little darker, but there's a lot of action. It's his origin story. It's really good. I've been in the editing room the last couple of weeks and I think that it's good and that audiences are going to like it. But it's a little darker.

Darker is the key word these day for superhero movies, and guess what? Anyone can say it! It's a word. Just because they say its darker doesn't mean its true, but that's what they think the fans want to hear. Don't believe me? look how  she pushes the word again with this next statement regarding Huge Jackmans interpretation.

Well, you haven't seen this side of him. It's darker and sadder and it's kick-ass. There's a ton of action. It's really kick-ass.

Of course we haven't seen this side of him FOX wont allow it to be shown because last I heard Tom Rothamn wanted to cut back on the darkness. Now they are pushing it? So we know Ryan Renolds is playing Deadpool. She dosen't say anything regarding the character in the film. No one has said anything regarding the character Deadpool in this movie! What are they hiding? But she does go on to say that they hope to do a spin off film. If they F up Deadpool then don't even try to make it.

Look, I'm sorry. I have just heard so much negative feedback about this Wolverine film that I can't get crazy excited for it and I can't trust what a producer comes out and says because of course they want it to succeed they are going to push the film even if it is a piece of shit. So until I see for myself, I can't jump on board the Wolverine train. I hope to hell it's good! But we wont really know what it is about until it comes out.


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