Warner Bros Wants Ryan Gosling as The Green Lantern

by Joey Paur

Ryan Gosling as Hal Jordan. The guy really is an amazing actor. He is a great choice for the Green Lantern. I would have never thought of him playing that role, but now that it has been put on the table I can see it.

Latinoreview broke the news today, and Just so you know, NO offer has been made to Gosling. This came from one of their trusted sources, which no one knows except them, so we have to take their word for it. If the role has been offered or if it is being worked out, nobody really knows besides the people involved. Gosling my not even know his name is being tossed around right now, it's kind of funny to think sometimes that their is a chance we know what is going on before the person we are talking about does. but it's who Warner Bros wants. Unitl we get solid confirmation this is one big RUMOR for now. 

I have read a few script reviews for Green Lantern. Some good, some bad, some on the fence. I'm on the fence with this one. It depends on how it is all executed. It could be a good movie it could be bad. Just because they make it "dark" dosen't mean it will be good.

Do you think Gosling is the right man for the job? If they do ask him do you think he will even take the role?

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