HALO 3: Recon - Expansion

by Joey Paur

'Halo 3: Recon' The Box Art

Most gamers I know that are out their in the world are HALO fanatics. I'm one of them. I love playing HALO. I play it is often as I get the chance. Recently every night for the last month.

It looks like Bungie is still not through with HALO 3 either. They have a new campaign that will be available for download or disc Fall of 2009. The first campaign for HALO 3 was really way too easy and kind of boring if you ask me. But the online game play is a totally different story!

This new campaign is going to be a prequel to HALO 3. Plus this is the first time you will not being playing as Master Chief. Rumor has it there will be no shield or super strength. This should make for an interesting way of playing HALO. Sure we have to wait a whole year, at least we can play online all we want untill it's released. According to MTV.

The "standalone expansion" will feature "hours" of new campaign action, some new multiplayer maps and Forge items, an emphasis on "stealth" and "cunning" in the gameplay and a new protagonist for gamers to control: an Orbital Drop SchockTrooper.

Check out the trailer below.




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