Josh Brolin for Jonah Hex

by Joey Paur

As you now a few month ago a photo leaked out of Thomas Jane as Jonah Hex and rumors flew all over the place the he would play the crazy cowboy. That rumor was shut down by Jane himself saying it was something he did to try and help his chances of getting the gig. Jonah Hex directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor then came out and said that they would not use Thomas Jane in the movie, that they had someone else in mind.

Well Hollywood Elsewhere says that the deal is sealed for Josh Brolin to play Jonah Hex. Not that they are entertaining the idea, or his name's on a list. They say the deal is done. The website goes on to say:

Brolin's rep is not only denying this but claiming Brolin is "not attached," but a voice is telling me to consider the word of a friend who tells me the deal was locked down last night.

Ok so does the guy that broke this news Jeffrey Wells hearing voices in his head? Or is it a voice in a friends head? Since Brolins rep is denying all of this saying he is not attached, then I am going to take this as a big fat rumor, until we find out if the voice in Jeffery's head is right then move on with your daily lives as if this never happened. 

But! I will say that I would love to see Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex! He would fit that role so well. What do you think?

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