Official Final 'TWILIGHT' Trailer

by Joey Paur

Ok Twilight fans, we bring you the official final Twilight movie trailer that is suppose to air tonight on TV. Oh my gosh! You get to see Bella and Edward kiss! I know you are all just dying to see this movie. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that it comes out November 21st. You better go buy your tickets before it sells out. In the mean time you can watch this trailer over and over and over again. Enjoy!



Here are what the fans are saying from around the net:

 i thought it was amazing all of it! I love the apple part! hahah ! i was omg the book! hehe
\And i love the ending "you are my life now" so Edward!
Rob is perfect in this movie! Kiersten is doing a wonderful job as Bella, i never pictured her the way shes acting but in a way i can start seeing bella like that....ill have to reread the BOOK!
the only thing is that the part where Victoria james and Laurent come out the forest always eems to fake, like i can notice the leaf carpet under them....but will see in te movie....
i love the baseball scene! finally we get to see ESme!
And wow, i can keep going on and on! IM SO EXCITED!!!


i know. i loved the you are my life part. oohh. and the kiss was amazing!!!! aaahhhh can't wait


I've seen it oh...a little over 5666165161515646456 times 7. It's AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! Robert looks perfect in EVERY SINGLE scene!!!


it was all amazing... that is a perfect trailor for the movie and a great teaser for the book. and theyou are my life now... perfect. i loved the apple part and the pine tree thing 2.


its simply amazing!
the "you are my life now" part made my heart melt, he said it with so much passion ♥

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