Ron Perlman to play Elvis in 'Bubba Nosferatu'

by Joey Paur

I don't know if you have seen a little indie horror flick called 'Bubba Ho-Tep' when an old aging Elvis played by Bruce Campbell, is alive and living in a senior home and fighting of mummy's with a black JFK, but if you have not seen this movie then you need to go out and watch it right now! It is such a fun movie to watch.

A sequel to the film is going to be made and it will be called 'Bubba Nosferatu'. This sequel is actually teased at the end of the first movie. This is awesome news! Bruce Campbell turned down the opportunity to reprise his role as Elvis which kind of sucks. But according to an interview with Paul Giamatti over at AICN Ron Perlman has stepped into the white Elvis Jumpsuit. 

'Bubba Nosferatu' will star Paul Giamatti as Col. Parker and has been attached to it for some time. The film will also be directed by Don Coscarelli who was the director of the first film.

I think Ron Perlman is a great choice to fill the shoes of Elvis. He is no bruce Campbell, but he will be able to put a new spin on a great character. I am really looking forward to this one.

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