Could McG be directing Wonder Woman flim?

by Joey Paur

Word on the street is that McG could end up directing the Wonder Woman movie for Warner Bros. This news broke at IESB. They say his name is being floated around the studio lot. They have no idea if he is officially signed on to direct or not. They don't really have any solid proof if this is true or not, just talk from sources.

Frankly, I don't care if McG directs Wonder Woman or not. If you think about it, it's right up his ally. I just don't want him to screw up Terminator. I could care less if he screw up Wonder Woman, no offense to anyone that is a hard core Wonder Woman fan. It can't be any worse than his Charlie Angels movies.

Seriously though, I can see McG directing this movie. It just seems like somthing he would direct. What do you all think?

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