James Cameron with more clarification on his "Terminator 4" blessing

by thedude

If you were at this year's Comic Con you were probably pretty impressed with McG's abilities as a salesman. Here was a guy trying to convince the unsure John and Jane Fanboy that he is qualified to take the reigns of their beloved Terminator world. By the end of his hour long panel discussion he had the six thousand fanboys crammed into assembly hall H eating out of the plam of his hand (myself included). One of the bases of his pitch came in constant references to his "good pal" James Cameron and the blessings and excitement that he had for the project. Oops.

As we know there has been a recent stir as to just how much "blessing" James actually gave McG concerning the project and it has quite frankly made McG look like an ass. James has recently spoken With AICN to clarify more on the matter;

There's been some discussion at AICN and elsewhere of me rescinding my so-called blessing of T4 and that's not the case. The truth is there never was a blessing to rescind, and there's been some kind of misunderstanding between me and McG, perfectly innocent I believe. He asked me in a phone call when I was shooting in New Zealand earlier this year if I would be a supporter and creative participant in the new film. I said sure, send me the script and I'll give you my thoughts. And I warned him that free advice is usually worth what you pay for it. For whatever reason I never got the script and to date I haven't seen a foot of film other than what everybody's seen in the trailer, which is not enough to form an opinion. So I have zero basis for supporting or dissing the film. As I said in an interview, for all I know it could be a masterpiece or it could be a big steaming pile. I think all people heard was the steaming pile part and concluded I was against the film, which I'm not. In fact, it might be very good, an opinion based solely on what Sam Worthington has shared with me. He's nobody's fool when it comes to material, and has absolutely the lowest bullshit quotient of anyone I know, and he has repeatedly told me that he reckons the film is going to be good. I know him to be very critical (in a healthy way) of his own work, and an actor who always aspires to excellence, so I know he wouldn't praise the film if he didn't feel it.

Obviously I can't give my blessing (whatever that means anyway ) to the film completely blind. But I'm predisposed to be supportive based on Sam's involvement and his judgment, because I believe in him. So there you have it. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that it's not a steaming pile.

Jim out

So does this condemn McG more or help his cause? Thoughts? Talk to me Goose.

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