Dr. Venkman Reviews: Role Models

by Joey Paur

Role Models was the most vulgar feel good movie I think I have ever seen. The reason I say this is because the story had a really good message behind it involving children. This is the kind of movie you could take the kids to if it wasn't so vulgar. If it wasn't vulgar though it wouldn't be funny, because these days the more vulgar the movie is the more people laugh.

This movie was extremely enjoyable with its great characters and its fun but average story. Just because it is a average story doesn't mean its not good, it's just a new way of telling it. There were plenty of really good laughs from beginning to end. The situations these characters manage to get themselves into was hilarious. You really get a chance to know who these characters are. It is not one of those shallow comedies, with shallow characters.

The film is about these two guys named Wheeler (Seann William Scott) and Danny (Paul Rudd) who work for a energy drink company called Minotaur. They travel from school to school talking kids into saying No to drugs and instead drinking Minotaur Energy Drinks. As they make their rounds they are constantly downing energy drinks to the point where they are pissing green. Wheeler is the sex-addict womanizer and Danny is the negative guy in a troubled relationship trying to make sense of life kind of guy. Things take a turn for the worse with these guys when they ram there Minotaur truck into a statue in front of a school while trying to break it free from a tow truck. Instead of going to prison for 30 day they opt to do community service at a youth center for kids called Sturdy Wings which is run by a whack job named Gayle (Jane Lynch) who is a very inappropriately funny. Danny and Wheeler are handed off to a couple outcasts with in this youth center. Augie (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) who is the Dungeons and Dragons type role playing kid, and Ronnie (Bobb'e J. Thompson) the bad mouthed black kid with a booby fetish. Everyone is incredibly reluctant at first, but as time goes on and they get to know each other they begin to bond.

My favorite scenes of the movie involve the medieval role playing battles and characters. It is just so funny to be taken into this world that we never really see, but it actually exists. The used this role playing setting as a way to move the story forward and bring everything together.

Role Models has its slapstick comedy moments and is at times just plain ridiculous, but you accept it for what it is, a fun comedy that delivers the laughs. What pulls this standard story together though, is its consistent comedy crudeness. They don't hold back. Even with the kids in the film like Ronnie the character is just foul but you can't help but laugh, maybe because it seems so unnatural.

You will not be disappointed if you slap down some money to go see this flick. It is everything you expect it to. ‘Role Model's' delivers the comedy and makes you laugh you can't go wrong unless you are easily offended.

No matter what you end up watching always remember to enjoy your time at the movies.


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