Neil Gaiman and Penn Jillette Team up to adapt 'The Road to Endor'

by Joey Paur

This sounds fantastic and I am going to get the book soon so I can read it. 'The Road to Endor' has nothing to do with Star Wars, but it has everything to do with an incredible true story written by EH Jones in 1919, about two World War I prisoners of War who plan to escape from the hell hole they have been forced into. Here is where it gets amazingly interesting. One of the prisoners...

... was an amateur magician, who trick their guards into believing that they are in touch with the spirit world to plot their escape from a Turkish prison camp. Using Ouija boards, séances, mentalist scams, poltergeist effects, and fake suicides, they convince even the Camp Commander.

Whoa! Did I not tell you that was awesome?! I am shocked this has not been done yet! On top of that you have comic book/screenwriter Neil Gaiman and magician/bullshit artist Penn Jillette writing the script! This is going to be freakin amazing!

They don't have a director yet, but the producer of the film is Hilary Bevin Jones the granddaughter of the author EH Jones.

I couldn't be more excited to read the book (If I can find it, looks like its out of print dammit!) and get more information on this story. The concept alone just puts a smile on that face of mine.