Dr. Venkman Review: Repo the Genetic Opera

by Joey Paur

I wish I could recommend this movie for everyone, but I can't because not everyone will like it. It is so far out there and so different from anything that is out in the theaters right now that I just don't think most people will be open to it. It's movies like this that I wish people were more open minded about because it really is quite entertaining.‘Repo: The Genetic Opera' was disturbingly fantastic, with its dark and twisted story and depressingly conflicted characters. It is also a rock opera, which means the whole movie is told in song, including all of the dialogue. This music makes the movie that much more interesting to watch.

The blood and gore in the film was also pretty over the top. I didn't expect the movie to get that crazy with the violence but it did. It went there.

This sci-fi gothic film is a tale of betrayal and revenge about a world where there is an epidemic of organ failures; out of this tragedy GeneCo is born. GeneCo is a multi-billion dollar biotech organization which offers to provide people with organ transplants so they can live on, and if the people can't afford it, no worries, because they offer financing plans. If these people can't keep up with their organ payments GeneCo sends in the repo men, who are skilled and ruthless assassins to reposes the organs by any means necessary. Meaning they have to cut open the person and remove whatever organ they are financing.

There are several characters that we follow throughout the movie:

Shilo Wallace (Alexa Vega) is the center of the story. She is a 17 year old girl that was born with a rare blood disease, and to keep her safe she is kept under lock and key. She is a bit feisty so she of course sneaks out, and in doing so gets her self into some crazy trouble, which brings together the full truth of what is going on in her life and with her disease.

Nathan Wallace/Repo Man (Anthony Head) is Alexa's father and what she doesn't know is that he is also one of these repo men, who has a weight of guilt on his shoulders which is why he has chosen this path. It is all to protect his little girl.

The President of GeneCo Rotti Largo (Paul Sorvino) has learned he is dying and holds this guilt over Nathan constantly reminding him of his past. He also has three children who he has no intention of leaving his company too because they are incompetent.

Amber Sweet (Paris Hilton) is Rotti's daughter. She is daddy's little girl with a drug problem. She has an addiction to surgery using an underground pain killer extracted from dead people.

Luigi Largo (Bill Moseley) is Rotti's son and he has a terrible uncontrollable temper. He is just a loose canon who has no regard for human life.

Pavi Largo (Nivek Ogre) is Rotti's other son who would be considered the pretty boy of the family, because he constantly is obsessed with the way he looks. This is funny because he wears others peoples faces over his own disfigured face.

Graverobber (Terrance Zdunich) is the narrator of the story and the guy who goes to graveyards extracting this underground drug from dead people so he can sell it on the street.
Blind Meg (Sarah Brightman) is the face and spokeswoman of GeneCo. She signed her life away to GeneCo when she was given new eyes. She now wants her freedom but she is not allowed to leave.

Repo has a great style which takes you into this new and crazy world of madness. The one thing I wasn't sure about before I saw this movie was the music. There was the possibility it could end up bad, but it wasn't. I enjoyed the music. I liked how they experimented with different styles of music and sound, it wasn't the same type of music over and over so they kept is all new a fresh. Some songs were better than others but I though it was pretty cool.

The acting and singing in the film was also very good. They got some pretty good voice talent in there, I was actually surprised at how good some of the actors were. I have heard better, but it was good for what the movie was. Sarah Brightman was the most qualified person in the film and she has a great voice, I only wish they would have had some more songs in the film for her. But everyone did a fantastic job.

I can see this movie being a cult classic; it could be ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show' of the 21st century. I don't think the film will ever hit main stream, it would be cool if it did, but I think this film is slowly going to collect a following of people over the years.

If you think you are going to like this movie then go out and see it! This is one of the most original movies I have seen in a long time. It takes everything that is normal for a movie and throws it out the window. I suggest this movie to anyone who is into anything that is different, offbeat, fetishy, music, and not normal. Or if your willing to experiment with a new movie going experience then check it out. Do you have what it takes to see 'Repo! The Gentic Opera'?

As for me, I really dug it.



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