'Cloverfield' Director Matt Reeves talks about his 'Let the Right One In' Remake

by Joey Paur

First of all I don't think there is any reason whatsoever to do a remake of the film 'Let the Right One In'. There is a perfectly good film out in theaters right now that you can go see and I don't think Matt Reeves has got what it takes to make a good movie. For the record I didn't like 'Cloverfield' and any film student could have made that movie. Reeves recently talked to MTV about his plans for 'Let the Right One In', and this is what he had to say. I have heard film students give better presentations than this nonsense.

On the location:

“I’m keeping it in the early 80s. I love the setting of it being in a snowy locale. I’ve been thinking of Colorado, maybe Littleton.”

On adapting the story for an American audience:

“The movie and the book are incredibly Swedish yet there’s something so universal about the tale of this kid and something that in the context of an American story could be completely different while being very consistent with the original story. There’s something about it that can be an American mythic tale.”

On his love for the material:

“It’s a terrific movie and a fantastic book. I think it could be a really touching haunting and terrifying film. I’m really excited about what it could be.”

They already made a movie that was exactly that! You think you can do a better job? Did he not think the Swedish movie was touching, haunting, and terrifying? Because I did.

On his personal connection to the story:


“I had such a personal reaction when I saw the movie and when I read the book. I felt like there was an opportunity to do something incredibly personal while still being in a genre arena.”

He had a personal reaction? Hell! I had a personal reaction! Does that qualify me to remake the movie as well?

On how he sees the story:

“It’s an amazing mixture of a coming of age story and a really scary horror film. It’s touching and scary. It’s an incredibly touching love story and a really scary vampire movie.”

Ok, so did you get all that? It's touching and scary. Thats deep. Wow, this guy has an incredibly vision.

“I see the film as essentially being the fantasies of this 12 year old who’s having such a hard time. It would never be that overt where you would watch the movie and say that’s a dream but to me that is kind of an organizing principle.”

Yeah this guy has just proven to me that he should not be remaking this film and that he will not do the story any justice. If you have not seen the original then go on out and watch it, it is one of the best films of the year.


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