Marvel Animation developing 'Thor' Series

by Joey Paur

Marvel Animation is really on a role with the great entertainment they have been developing. Their Direct to DVD Animated movies based on their popular comics are some of the best I have seen. In January of next year they are going to release the Hulk Vs. Thor / Hulk Vs. Wolverine double feature, and I think the fans are going to love it!

Well it looks like they are going to go deep in the world of Asgard with a 26 half-hour episode series for 'Thor', which is going to launch in fall of 2010, right after Marvels Live Action 'Thor' hits theaters. 

THR reports:

The animated series will follow Thor, the Norse god of thunder, as he defends his mythical home of Asgard against fantastical villains, fiendish hordes, winged creatures and angry giants. The show will take place in various worlds -- from mountainous landscapes to places of icy mists and fiery voids -- and will include many of the comic's supporting cast, including Balder the Brave, the Warriors Three and Thor's evil adopted brother, Loki.

Marvel president of animation Eric Rollman said the series is part of the company's plan to follow each live-action movie with an animated series and "offer a continued awareness in the marketplace." It already is in production on cartoon series "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes," which will be available for broadcast in 2011, in time for Marvel Studios' releases of the live-action "The First Avenger: Captain America" and "The Avengers."

Sounds like it could be pretty cool. Because it is going to be made for TV it most likely wont be as brutal as Marvels direct to DVD movies, but it doesn't mean it wont be fun. I am a huge fan of animation so I'm excited. Which all the animated crap being developed this is sure to be a breath of fresh air.


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