"Pinocchio", Del Torro Style!

by Billy Fisher


Guillermo, not Benicio.  Just thought I should make that clear.  That is right ladies and gentlemen, one of the masters of the art of film making is producing a dark version of Pinocchio.

The Hollywood Reporter has posted the news that this new take on the classic story will be backed by GDT.  He has hired a duel directing team that consists of director Adam Parrish King (The Wraith of Cobble Hill), and artist Gris Grimly.  This will be a stop motion animation feature. 

This film will be brought to us from the Jim Henson Co..  From the looks of it all of the pieces are falling into place.  Based on everyone involved in this project it looks like it might be a winner.  I am intrigued, let me know what you think.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Gris Grimly's work I have posted some of his stuff.  Enjoy!


Until next time,

McMurphy Out!

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