First Look at yet another indie sci-fi film 'Hunter Prey'

by Joey Paur

'Hunter Prey' is a film directed by Sandy Collora. You may not know who this is right off the, bat but he directed a little dark short film that became a hit called 'Batman: Dead End' that showed at Comic-Con in 2003. If you want to refresh your memory you can check out the movie at the end of the article. He is finally making a full length feature sci-fi film! There is a really interesting story about his journey as a filmmaker, which can be read about in a book called Homemade Hollywood by Clive Young, which reveals how Comic-Con almost destroyed his career. 

As for 'Hunter Prey' io9 recently had an interview with him and he talks about his movie. Here is what he has to say.

What is his film about?

At its core, this is a picture about survival. Being able to adapt to your surroundings and persevere, to survive at all costs and prevail against incredible odds to complete an objective. That's something that I've had some experience dealing with in my own life and career, so there were a lot of personal feelings and emotions to draw from. The film centers around a crew of special forces commandos who must recapture an alien prisoner that has escaped after the military transport ship carrying it crashes on a desolate and hostile planet. There are subtle political and environmental overtones that I certainly don't hit anyone over the head with at all, but that will hopefully make you think about things like war, politics and current events, by presenting them in situations cinematically from a uniquely different perspective. That's one of the great things about Science Fiction; You can tell the audience something in a very unique way by using the guise of a futuristic world or society that can reflect our own.

The film, very much like the approach Jim Cameron took with "The Terminator", is a very small piece of a much larger picture. It concentrates on how the bigger situation (which in this case, is interplanetary war) is affecting the two main characters, who are now separated from it, and how they relate and react to their situation and each other as a result of it. As the story unfolds and more things are revealed about the characters and what their relationship is, we had to create in a sense, what we could not show. This was a very interesting challenge not only for co-writer Nick Damon and myself, but for the actors as well because through their performances and the dialogue, they had to build in the audience's imagination, what we couldn't afford to actually build on screen.

I really can't say or reveal much more than that, because It's got a few things that audiences will definitely not see coming and some twists and turns that I don't want to spoil. You'll just have to go see it to find out what those are.

Here are a few more pictures from the film. This all looks really good. I hope it gets a decent release. Collora talks more about his new film which you can read here. It's a pretty cool insight on how he brought this movie together.


Here is the $30,000 film he directed that got him his start. Batman: Dead End

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