Arrested Development Movie being set up at Fox Searchlight

by Joey Paur

We have hered so many rumors about a 'Arrested Development' movie being made that I just stopped paying attention to them. But I couldn't ignor this article because it is some great news! Apparently Mitch Hurwitz and Ron Howard are closing the deal for the film at Fox Searchlight. THR reports:

The possible migration of the critically acclaimed but short-lived Fox series to the big screen has been a hot topic among fans for the past year. Speculation has been fueled by cast members of the show, including Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Jeffrey Tambor, who have been frequently quoted in interviews that a feature adaptation is in the works.

Hurwitz, who created and exec produced the Emmy-winning series, is on board to write the film as well as direct with help from Howard. The series, from Imagine TV and 20th TV, was a pet project of Howard, who had a lot to do with its distinct visual style. In the final episode, Howard, playing himself, heard the Bluth TV family's pitch of their story and liked it for a movie.

Which mostly likely where the movie will pick up from. I truely hope to see a 'Arrested Development' movie get made. I am a big fan of the TV show and it would be so cool to see the characters brought back to life again. I am still biter that the show got cancelled.