Twilighter Care Bear gives us her thoughts about the Movie

by Joey Paur

Having read the book, I went into the movie ‘Twilight' thinking it wasn't going to be any good, there was a strong possibility it wouldn't live up to the standards of the book, and my expectations were low. But, it turned out better then I thought! If you have read the book and you are a fan, then you would definitely enjoy it and have a giggle or two throughout the movie. It still wasn't as good as the book, but it was a decent adaptation.

The movie started out really well with Bella coming to Forks, Washington to live with her dad. As she starts her new school it wasn't very hard for her to meet new friends. It is at lunch when Bella sees Edward for the first time, and she asks her friend Jessica who he is. It just so happen Bella has the same Biology class as Edward where she sits right next to him. It's at this point Edward starts freaking out because her blood smells so sweet to him. He first gives her mixed signals because he is trying to get over her sweet blood. After saving her live a few times she figures out that he is "A VAMPIRE". Instead of running, away in fear from him she embraces him and who he is. She falls in love him and the romance begins. The action starts at the Baseball game when the hunter James wants to hunt Bella for fun.

The fight scenes were some of the best parts of the movie! They really made the movie come to life for me. They are very close to how I imagined them in my head while I read the book.

The actress that plays Bella I thought did a great job. She really let her acting skills show during the fight scenes, and the way she reacted to everything going on around her and to her, like when she is thrown across the room, had her bones broken and then bit. I do have to say Edward looked like he was getting his butt kicked in that scene.

One of the things I hated most about the movie was the make-up. I just couldn't get over how bad the white make-up was on the Cullen family. There are also times I found it was hard to look at Carlisle, the Doctor who is also Edward's Foster dad. They should of just made the other cast members get tans or something because man it was awful. One other thing that I found really cheesy is when Edward shows Bella how he sparkles. It wasn't what I imagined in my head.

I think I enjoyed the movie a little bit more because I was sitting next to a fifteen year old girl, who thinks Edward is something else, and the way she reacted during the movie made me enjoy it more. I didn't like the guy who they got to play Edward at first but he did fit the part very well. I didn't like who they got to play Jacob though. He just didn't fit the role.

It sounded like the majority of the screaming girls in the theater where on team Edward. As for guys, I would say that there were only a dozen of them in the theater. I did get a chance to talk to one of the guys and he told me, "If you can sit through the movie The Notebook, you could sit through this." That does give me hope that my man will see it. Because he liked the notebook.

I don't want to give the rest away but at least in Shephenie Meyer's books, she likes happy endings. The movie does make me want to pick up the book again and read it. Oh! speaking of which, Stephenie Meyer makes a cameo in the movie. So look for her in the diner scene.

If you are a fan of Twilight I don't need to tell you to go and see the movie because if you have not seen it already then I know you will. If you have not read the book, or not a fan, then you may not like the movie. There are times in the film that non-readers may feel run on a little to long. These parts make more sense if you did read the book. It all depends on your taste in films. It's got the romance and action. If you like that then you might like the movie. Other people may just see ii as a cheesy teenage vampire movie. But whatever, I liked it and from the reaction of the crowd I'm not alone.

But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil,
thou shalt not eat of it:
for in the day that thou eatest thereof
thou shalt surely die.


Genesis 2:17



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