'I am Legend' Prequel is now a Sequel

by Joey Paur

After the success of the first 'I am Legend' film Warner Bros came out and said "Hey! lets do another one!" Of course Will Smith has to be in it. Now if you have not yet seen the movie here is a spoiler: Will Smiths character dies at the end. So how could they continue the story? Well, they decided to develop a prequel, and it was suppose to take place several years before the original movie. Now a source from AICN is saying this is no longer the case. Rumor has it Warner Bros is going to make a sequel to the movie with Will Smith. How they are going to pull this off? I have no idea, but leave it to Hollywood to bring the dead back to life for a sequel. Their powers never cease to amaze me. How do you think they will bring Smith back to life?