Smallville to bring in Legion

by Joey Paur

You have not been following Smallville then you really are missing out on one of the best shows on TV. It's never to late to get caught up. The last episode that aired was awesome. Producers for the show brought in comic book writer Geoff Johns to write an episode for the show and from what it sounds like the episode he wrote changes everything. Geoff recently spoke with MTV and here is what he had to say regarding his episode.

“The concept of the Legion throws a wrench in Clark’s life, They’ve already built up to a huge climax with Chloe and Doomsday, and then the Legion comes in and completely complicates everything.”

I love the Doomsday story line they have been working with, I also love how they are keeping Lex in the mix in a round about kind of way. To throw Legion in their will either bring the show to a whole new level or greatness or it will be the shows downfall. He then proceeds to talk about the Persuader as a villain.

“He’s one of my favorite Legion villains, because he’s this futuristic assassin, he’s dressed like an executioner, and he has one of the coolest weapons, an axe that could slice an atom in half. He can slice Clark, so he can slice anything.”

Anything? That is one awesome axe he has. This would pretty pretty cool to see. As for the costumes of these new character spandex is out and uniforms are in. The uniforms they were will give nods to their comic book costumes.

“So you got Saturn Girl in red and white with Saturn on her chest, We had production meetings to talk through all the details. Do they have rings? What do they look like?”

So if you happen to not know anything about legion it wont matter. John explains:

“If you’re not a Legion fan, it’s a lot of ‘Do you make your own destiny? Is it written in stone? Do your heroes live up to your expectatons?’ There’s a lot there for you. But if you’re a fan, we worked our asses off to be as faithful to it as possible. There’s so much mythology in this episode, I think the fans will be blown away.”

I really hope they keep Smallville on this road of glory. Bringing Legion in is going to make things interesting. 


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