Are Marvel Screenwriters talking to each other to prep for 'Avengers'?

by Joey Paur

You may have heard about this little interview Robert Downey Jr. did with MTV. If not here it is:

MTV: You know that "The Avengers" movie is the one every comic book fan is salivating for.

Downey: That means if we don't get it right, it's really going to suck. It has to be the crowning blow of Marvel's best and brightest, because it's the hardest thing to get right. It's tough to spin all the plates for one of these characters.

MTV: Are you guys discussing "Iron Man 2" as a story that will feed directly into "Avengers"?

Downey: It seems natural that it would at least introduce that factor. My inclination is to bring it another step. The danger you run with colliding all these worlds is that Jon was very certain that "Iron Man" should be set in a very realistic way. Nothing that happened in "Iron Man" is really outside the realm of possibility. Once you start talking about Valhalla and supersized super soldiers and jolly green giants, it warrants much further discussion.

That being said he's right. If they don't do it right it is going to suck big time. So are Marvel Writers doing anything to make sure it doesn't suck? Are Marvel writers talking to each other so that they are all on the same page? They just brought in those two guys that wrote the Narnia movies to write 'Captain America' Have they all come together to talk about the end game for Avengers? No.  Iron Man 2 screenwriter Justin Theroux is saying that there is no dialogue with the other Marvel writers. He recently talked to MTV saying:

“You know, there’s NO dialogue right now - in a great way,” the scripter confessed. “I think [Marvel President] Kevin Feige just wants to make sure we can make the best movie that we can make.”

But you know what? I don't think that is a bad thing either, because it gives each writer the freedom to do what they feel needs to be done for the movie. I think if all the writers would get put in a room together things might just get a little to crazy. Egos may heat up, and you don't want other writers telling you what to write it could end up bad. But having the president of Marvel telling you what to write is a different story. Apparently Kevin Feign is the glue that holds it all together.

Kevin is in all the meetings for all the movies, and is the sort of connective tissue – the neurons if you will – running between the meetings. Making sure all the things can be connected,” Theroux explained. “But they haven’t burdened us with that yet. We’ve obviously kept an ear out for it, and we’re looking for ways to write that don’t bump [heads]. Once we sort of get to a more stable place at that point, we’ll see where to go from there.

I have confidence in these movie Marvel is making, I think they have brought together some great talent. It is great that they are giving the creative people to freedom to make the best film possible. They will find creative ways to connect everything. They have done a great job so far. I honestly don't think Marvel will make a Avenger movie that sucks, I don't think they would let it happen.


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