Dr. Venkman Reviews: Transporter 3

by Joey Paur

Transporter 3 is definitely the worst of the 3 Transporter movies. This film just didn't have "it". I really enjoyed the first two Transporter movies! They were action packed and just fun to watch. In this movie they seemed to cut pack on the action and tried to focus on acting and story, which is not always a bad thing. In fact story should always come first, but they did not know how to make it interesting in this case. It just seemed like a long drawn out boring movie that needed more action. Now the film did have its moments but there were only a few.

The movie is literally a flashy movie in-between scenes it does this quick cutting stuff and in between each cut is a flash of bright light, it happens all the throughout the movie and it is really quite annoying. It was like watching a music video. Even with the fight scenes as cool as they were there was just way too much hyper editing going on. The director must have studied Michael Bays editing techniques and then just brought it to a whole new ridiculous level of cutting up action sequences. It was so fast and furious you had no idea what was going on and you really didn't get a chance to appreciate the beauty of fight choreography. Maybe the fight scenes they filmed were just so bad in the first place that the only way they could make it work was to edit it together the way they did.

The dialogue in the film was awful! I know it is bad in the other Transporter movies but not this bad. The actress they got to play the female lead Valentine Natalya Rudakova was interestingly attractive, but a horrible actress. On top of that her character was just so annoying. Her and Jason Statham would have these long drawn out conversations in the car about food, she talked about food a lot. It must have been an inside joke because I didn't get it and thought it was pointless drivel. There was nothing remotely interesting that these two characters talked about.

Jason Statham was as good as he could be. The guy always brings his A game to his movies and he brought it to this one as well. He was the best part of the movie, and he was able to pull off the bad dialogue. One of my favorite action sequences is when the villain Johnson fires him from his job and gets another driver to drive away in his car without him to deliver the package. If the car gets 75 feet away from him the wristband he is wearing blows up. So Frank starts chasing after the car trying to keep up, he ends up getting on a BMX bike an peddles his way through all sorts of obstacles to catch up to the car where he ends jumping feet first through the windshield and kicking the other driver out of his car. This scene is the best action sequence of the movie. You also get your over the top scenes that make no sense and are physically impossible but really cool to watch. Like a car driving on two wheels, and driving on top of a train. Statham is so smooth when it comes to these types of films.

I was really looking forward to this movie and I thought it would be up to par with the last two films but I was wrong. This is a movie that you can wait to rent. Unless you are a fan of the Transporter series like myself. Maybe the fourth one will be better. Transporter just ran out of gas.



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