'What Doesn't Kill You' Movie Preview Looks really good

by Joey Paur

Where did this movie come from? 'What Doesn't Kill You' stars Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawk a couple of great actors that I think are underrated. This movie looks like it will be really good. THR wrot a review on it and in the review it says:

"We've all seen this film before — two hoodlum friends from the tough, violent streets of South Boston trying to cope with the lure of easy money and the offsetting threat of jail time — but we've never seen it this well done. With Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawke registering personal bests in the performance category as well as playing magnificently and ultraconvincingly off each other, 'What Doesn't Kill You,' a true story that is powerful and completely riveting from beginning to end, clearly is one of the best films at Toronto this year."

So why haven't we heard of this movie before? I think it is because the co-writer and director of the film Brian Goodman is a first time director. Brian Goodman is a ex-con whose life the film is about. It is also being distributed by a little indie production company Yari Film Group. They have recently started pushing Mark Ruffalo for Best actor and Ethan Hawk for Best Supporting. Check out the trailer below. I am going to have to search this movie out so I can go see it.