Clint Eastwood and Mark Twain

by Joey Paur

Clint Eastwood to Direct and star in Mark Twain bio pic called ‘Remembering Mark Twain'. According to Moviehole:

Ruddy, who produced Clint Eastwood's "Million Dollar Baby", will reunite with the filmmaker on another pic next year. ''I'm doing another movie with Clint in the spring called "Remembering Mark Twain". He's directing the movie, and he's gonna bookend the movie playing Samuel Clemens in the hospital. It's a really sweet, beautiful movie. So that's what I'm all about!''

Just incase you don't know Samuel Clemons is Mark Twain, and Mark Twain is Samuel Clemons. Clint Eastwood will play Mark Twain. I would have never thought. This should be a really interesting movie. Eastwood is really on a role. He is pumping movies out one after another. I am going to see ‘Changeling' this week, and I am very excited to see ‘Gran Tarino'.

I am sure this movie will be mixed with back flashes of his life. Who do you think would make a good young Mark Twain?

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