Dr. Venkman Reviews: 'Boy A'

by Joey Paur

The trailer for this film was incredibly well crafted. It made this movie look like it was going to be this amazingly deep little indie film. The story looked interesting and solid and I thought it was going to be a really good movie. I even showed to others and they even thought it was going to be good. So, we went and saw the film. Trailers can be very deceiving.This little indie film was all over the place. It ended up being a very boring movie that seemed like a 3 hour film even though it was not. It just didn't deliver what I thought it was going to. I think there still was a interesting story in there it was just executed in the wrong way.

The story is about this kid that was put away after he helped murder a little girl. A kid killing a kid type thing. 14 years later this boy that killed the girl is all grown up and released from prison. Once released his mentor Terry takes him under his wing und helps him get back on his feet. He gets him a job and changes his name to Jack. Jack is trying to hide his past from everyone he comes in contact with, because if people find out who he really is it could get ugly. While living this grand new life with finds new friends and a girl friend, Jack saves the life of a little girl involved in a car accident. He is treated like a hero and a local newspaper comes in to take his picture. After the Photo is published people start to recognize who he is and his new life begins to fall apart.

The most interesting part of the movie was the flashback scenes between him and his friend and how they end up murdering the girl. You get this part of the story in little pieces of constant and annoying flashbacks. Some of them no longer than a minute long. This movie was incredibly choppy and it was very distracting.

By the end of the film I had no idea what was going on. There are so many holes that everything just stops making any sense at all. This film was a hard movie to get through because it was executed so poorly. Had they put more focus on the past and fill in the holes of the present day story line it could have been a better film.

The acting in the film was great! The guy that played Jack Andrew Garfield, and his mentor Terry played by Peter Mullan, were very good. Andrew Garfield gave the character this strange innocence. You hate that he did what he did but at the same time Jack is a likable guy.

This is a movie you can wait to see when they show it on TV.

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