Halloween 2 for Robs Zombies Halloween remake

by Joey Paur

We reported a while back that there was going to be a direct sequel to Rob Zombies dumbass hick remake of Halloween. here is some updated information on that. Looks like it's unfortunatly still in the works. Dreadcentral got the scoop from producer Malek Akkad.

First off, the movie will be a direct sequel to Zombie's re-imagining, but actual plot details couldn't be revealed as of yet. Tyler Mane will be back as Michael, though, and other cast members are in talks to return as well. They're hoping to begin pre-production in January with shooting to start up in March.

So who will direct? That's still in negotiations, too. Last word was that Inside (DVD review) partners Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury would be behind Halloween 2, or whatever it ends up being called, but Akkad couldn't say if that was final yet or not.

Hopefully this movie never really gets made. They might as well just remake the movie again and call it a re-imagining. It could be a better remake than the last remake.

I'm sick of the horror movie remakes! They are all trying to sell us this bullshit that there will be a new twist, and new re-imaging, and a new this and a new that. Fact of the matter is none of these directors or studios have the balls to actually try something new! In the end all they are going to give us is another piece of crap remake of a classic slasher horror film. That will be no different than anything else that has already been done.


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