'King of the Hill' may not be ready to Die

by Joey Paur

'King of the Hill' could live on! We recently reported that FOX has cancelled the animated classic 'King of the Hill'. And they have but there is another party interested in picking up the series to keep it going. ABC. Thats right ABC is interested in keeping the show alive. Variety Reports:

The suitor is believed to be ABC, as "King of the Hill" would make a strong companion to the net's upcoming animated comedy "The Goode Family," which comes from "King of the Hill" exec producers Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky.

A "King of the Hill" pickup would give ABC a well-known franchise to bolster the chances for "Goode Family." It's a de facto network scheduling rule, learned at Fox through years of trial and error, that animated half-hours fit best with other animated half-hours.

I have to say this is very cool news. I was kind of bumbed out that it got cancelled. It is a show I could live without watching, but as long as it is on TV I will continue to enjoy watching it. I hope this actually goes down. It would be a smart move on the part of ABC. 

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