Three Stooges movie being Directed by Farrelly Bros.

by Joey Paur

I remember hearing about a Three Stooges movie a long time ago. I think the Farrelly Brothers tried to get it up and running at Warner Bros. but it never caught on. They tried developing it there for 5 years. It looks like they have not given up on the project. They took it to MGM and it looks like its going into production! Variety reports:

MGM has engaged Peter and Bobby Farrelly to renew their quest to channel the comic mayhem of the Three Stooges into a contemporary comedy.

The MGM news marks a homecoming for both the Stooges as well as the Farrellys, who spent five years trying to make the Stooges movie at Warner Bros.

They have also given the film a release date of Nov. 20th 2009. Thats about a year to get this thing wrapped up. I guess they aren't going to do the Jonas brothers farting dog movie? Good.

It should be interesting to see how they go about making the movie. I would like to see a bio pic about these guys, but it sounds like they are going to just bring the characters back to life. The original Stooges are awesome. You can still watch their films and laugh your ass off. I have a feeling the movie these guys develop wont be as funny or awesome. I wonder who they will cast as Larry, Moe, and Curly. Whoever they get have big shoes to fill. I just don't see how they are going to pull this off. It just seems like no matter what they end up doing it will end up being a bad imitation.

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