Conspiracy Theory behind 'HEROES' and why Alexander and Loeb were fired

by Joey Paur

As you may have noticed the TV show Heroes has really started to suck. The story is all over the place the characters suck and its slowly dying. I could care less if I miss an episode now. ‘Heroes' creator and executive producer Tim Kring must be feeling the pressure because he recently fired his 2 top writers and co-executive producers Jesse Alexander and Jeph Loeb. It sure sucks to be them.

Now it's time for my conspiracy theory. I'm sure it's not all Alexander and Loeb's fault. There is a big behind the scenes political Hollywood chess game that is being played, unfortunately someone needed to pay for the crappy direction of the show and the blame got laid on Alexander and Loeb even though it was probably Tim Kring's fault the show went bad in the first place. The reason I say that is because everything passes through Tim he went along with everything, if he didn't like the direction he could have said no lets take it in another direction. It is more his fault that anyone else's. Alexander and Loeb have been with the show from the beginning. The first season was amazing! As for the last couple seasons someone has directed them on where they would like to see the show go. They were following someone else's lead, my guess its Tim Kring because he is the Top dog on the show. So to cover his mistakes and protect his own ass he went ahead and fired Alexander and Loeb. This gave Kring another opportunity to redeem himself. Variety reports:

Kring has assured NBC and Universal Media Studios brass that he intends to focus on simplifying what's been criticized, even by ardent fans, as an overly complex storytelling structure to get back to the show's comicbookish good vs. evil themes and to emphasize character development more than plot twists.

Insiders close to the situation emphasize that Kring has been a hands-on and diligent showrunner. The big problem is that the show's large ensemble cast and intense f/x and post-production requirements suck up a lot of his time. And "Heroes," already one of primetime's priciest hours at $4 million-plus per seg, has been grappling with budget overruns.

Now, the thinking is that his focus is needed most in breaking stories and refining the tone of the show for the remainder of its third season.

The whole direction of the show and the reason it now sucks is Krings fault. I think it's to late for the show to be saved, its going to crash and burn. 'Heroes' could have been an amazing TV, but because of Krings bad decisions not Alexander and Loeb's, the show has suffered and it will continue to suffer.

There is nothing that can be done now with the show that will make the audience and critics happy. It's all just a big mess, created by the creator. Kring got in over his head and now he is struggling to save his own ass.


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