Screenwriter Chris Morgan talks about 'Wanted 2'

by Joey Paur

Wanted Screenwriter Chirs Morgan opens up just a little bit about the sequel ‘Wanted 2' Morgan helped bring to life this violently awesome story to the big screen. The film was adapted from Mark Millars Graphic Novel. I had a blast watching the fist movie and it would be pretty amazing if they ended up topping what they have already done. Morgan tells MTV:

"Yes, I will be writing it, I'm actually leaving this conversation with you to go to a meeting with the director, Timur Bekmambetov, and we're talking about the story."

That's cool. Apparently Universal is going through the final steps of negotiations with Mark Millar so he will come back to help bring this sequel together. Millar has not said he is going to write a follow-up graphic novel, so it may just be that he just does this for the movie.

"As far as I know, the studio is finishing their deal with Mark [Millar], and then we're all going to get together and collaborate, and that's something I'm very excited about."

So how will they go about making a sequel since everyone except Wesley Gibson played by James McAvoy pretty much died at the end. I had hered ealier rumors that they want Angelina Jolie back, but that just seems impossible. Just cast another hot woman in another role and the seats will fill.

"That is the challenge here," laughed Morgan, "but the point is to continue the journey that Wes started in the first film. Wherever he ended up at the end of the film, now it's time to move him forward."

"There's a natural journey that Wes needs to take, it is going to be opened up to be more global."

So there you have it. He talked about it as much as he could. Nothing crazy really going on with it yet. But, the fact that this is going into production and they are getting the original creative team back for it is very promising. I would love to see them out-action the first ‘Wanted' Film. That would be geek sweet.

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