Clive Barkers 'Book of Blood' Trailer. Bloody Hell!

by Joey Paur

Yeah Clive Barker can be a really twisted guy if he wants to. This movie is not for the faint of heart. This a hard core horror movie for hard core horror fans its not a slasher film either. This movie looks like it messes with your head and then screws you up with the visuals. 'Book of Blood' may end up being a really good and evil horror flick. Thanks to dread central we have the trailer for you. Check it out below. This could be concidered a red-band trailer, its pretty graphic. Enjoy!

Book of Blood was directed and co-written by John Harrison, of Tales from the Darkside: The Movie and other TV shows. The screenplay was written by Harrison and first-timer Darin Silverman. The film is an adaptation of Clive Barker's short stories "On Jerusalem Street" and "The Book of Blood" as comprised within the all-encompassing six volumes of "The Books of Blood". As far as I can tell, This film doesn't have a US release date or distributor just yet. Hopefully it gets one.

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