Guy Ritchies 'Sherlock Holmes' story details are leaking out

by Joey Paur

I came across an article over at IESB in which a reader of there's who refers to himself as Jack the Ripper claims to have the inside scoop on Guy Ritchies new 'Sherlock Holmes' flick. It looks like they are going to release these story details a little bit at a time so they are calling this part, part 1. 

This actually sounds incredibly cool! I would consider these big fat SPOILERS, so if you don't want to know how the movie starts out then don't read ahead. But if you do then by all means read on.

The movie starts off in London (of course) and the year is 1891 with a night time chase overlayed with a narration by Mr. Watson.

Watson describes London as the capital of the world full of criminals and villainy. Funny, it reminds me of Mos Eisley. He also explains who he is.

During a foot chase we are introduced to Sherlock Holmes. Holmes has a very dry sense of humour and is, just like in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books, very thorough in his observations.

The foot chase quickly goes underground into the sewer.

In the sewers, Holmes with the help of Mr. Watson gets himself in a fist fight with a bunch of bowler hat wearing, gun-totting thugs and also a 400lb, 7 foot giant.

All this while a dark robed Satan worshiper is about to sacrifice himself a hot young girl.

After an all out fight, Holmes and Watson defeat the thugs and the dark robed villain named Lord Blackwood.

We find out that Blackwood is behind the brutal deaths of at least 5 women who have been butchered horrendously. There is history alluded to between Blackwood, Watson and Holmes.

Blackwood is arrested by Inspector Lestrade who obviously feels a bit of contempt for Holmes - a consulting investigator who does not work for the police force officially.

Holmes and Watson tell Inspector Lestrade they do not want any credit for their latest bit of handiwork but Holmes and Watson always get credit regardless apparently.

Let the opening credits roll! A montage of newspaper clippings (that plays while the credits appear on the screen) shows the history between Watson and Holmes and their early crime fighting ways. From their first crime scene in their 20's to the latest involving Lord Blackwood.

Supposedly this information is from the set of the film and real. I hope it is because it sounds pretty insanely aewsome. I'm in.


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