Sam Worthington to play Perseus in 'Clash of the Titans'

by Joey Paur

As you know Louis Leterrier has come on to direct a remake of the classic movie 'Clash of the Titans' which is being produced by Thunder Road and Legendary Pictures. It looks like 'Terminator Salvation' star Sam Worthington has been cast in the lead role as Perseus.

On top of that Henry Cavill is set to star as the lead in a film called 'War of the Gods' being directed Tarsem Singh. THR reports:

In addition, the projects have set start dates. "Gods" would seem to have the edge -- it's tentatively planned for a February shoot, while production on "Titans" is slated to begin in April.

Both are sub-$100 million projects, though the budget for "Gods," at approximately $85 million, is believed to be higher than "Titans," which is closer to the $70 million range.

The studios have been in a fierce battle to get their product to market first, in a battle echoing the scramble between competing studio projects "Troy" and "Alexander" in 2004.

"Gods," Charles and Vlas Parlapanides' story of kings and warriors in ancient Greece, will be prodcued by the producers of "300" and directed by Tarsem Singh.

Warners' and Legendary Pictures' co-production "Titans" was actually set up first; the project, directed by Louis Leterrier, looks at similar themes and characters as "Gods" -- the mythological character Perseus and his battle to save a princess from villains such as Medusa.

Both these film will probably end up be very cool. I am more looking forward to 'Clash of the Titans' though. I thin Sam Worthington is a good choice. I am actually glad they didn't go after a huge star for the role. What do you think?