Wanna hear some 'Beverly Hills Cop 4' Story Details?

by Joey Paur

I'm not sure if you do because its not good. As you know Beverly Hills Cop 4 is being directed by super talented Brett Ratner. The script was written by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas and from what it sounds like Eddie Murphy doesn't like it, and after what I read about it I don't like it either. Laino review has a script review for the film that you can read here, buit here are the major points from that reveiw:

  • Brandt and Haas keep it all old school for the most part though, with a small shoot out and chase in the opening and then no more action for like 50 pages until Axel gets into a small fistfight with some East LA gangbangers.

  • A lot of the shit in the middle is way boring.

  • New partner is Goodwin, a fat rookie with low self-esteem

  • Axel teams up with a limo driver named Elliot, who is the wise cracking comic relief. You wouldn't think you would need comic relief in an Eddie Murphy movie.

  • Axel Foley has no funny lines.

  • Beverly Hills rich kid who has ties to the military.

  • It's almost like the writers took an Arnold Schwarzenneger script they had lying around and changed the details to make it a Beverly Hills Cop movie.

  • There's no fun in it.

That pretty much sums it up. You know what I hope The Rat does direct this movie from this script because then finally it will bring about the end of his career.

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