Comic book 'Fear Agent' being made into a Movie

by Joey Paur

I swear it's like every week another movie is being announced that is based on a comic book. I don't have a problem with that for the fact that I love comic books and recently the movies that are being made based on them are pretty freakin good. As long as they don't go back to the day of crappy comic book films like Daredevil, Electra, X-Men 3, Spider-Man 3, Ghost Rider, ok you get wha I'm trying to say.

Dark Horse comic 'Fear Agent' is currently in the process of happening. 'Fear Agent' is a ridiculously entertaining story by Rick Remender and art by Tony Moore.  It centers around a rugged alcoholic Texas spaceman Heath Huston, who is supposed to be the last Fear Agent, in a series of fast-paced adventures. The series stands out with its emphasis on action, adventure, horror, and plot twists rather than realism or scientific detail.

Rick Remender recently sat down with UGO to talk about his comic book and revealed that a movie is indeed in the works. The question is asked:

A Fear Agent film would probably be the most expensive thing to hit the screens in years, at least to do it justice. Would you ever want that to happen, and if so, who would your ideal cast and crew be in it?

Remender replies:

It’s in the works. I can’t really say much more or they’ll kill my family. They’re out there and they’re always watching… cruel and vicious Hollywood Black ops Agents. We have to be careful about who we say what to. If I had my choice of the actor to play Heath Huston I’d say Jon Hamm or Aaron Eckhart.

I would guess that they are not to far into production, and that they are still trying to figure out how to pull it off. I think this movie would be incredibly cool. I love the story and look of the comic book to see it translated into film would be great!


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