Hugh Jackman hosting the 81st Annual Academy Awards

by Joey Paur

Whaaaa? Thats right folks Hugh Jackman will be the host at next years 81st Annual Academy Awards. I had heard that they were going to go a different route this year and not go with a comedian, but to actually do it without a funny comedian? I don't know. Aren't they trying to get their ratings up?  Jackman is mostly famous for his role as Wolverine, are they hoping to pull in the Fanboys because of all the comic book movies that came out this year? Dark Knight being the one that is the most likely to be up for best picture. I just think this is an odd choice.

Spokeswoman for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Leslie Unger, confirmed a formal announcement is due later today, after rumors began to swirl online yesterday. Jackman did host the Tony Awards in 2004, but lets face it not many people watch the Tony Awards or even remember or know that he hosted it.

So I am guessing he will do a little song and a little dance at the beginning of the show, but from what I have heard there wont be much comedy going on. This is a bold move if you ask me. I guess we'll see how it plays out.

Source: USA Today


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