Hugh Jackman Talks about Gambit and the Creative Licenses they took with Deadpool that will piss off fans

by Joey Paur

I saw the trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine last night and I have to say I was pretty disappointed in what I saw. To me it looks like it will be right along the same line of the first X-Men movies. In fact I think Marvel Animations Hulk Vs. Wolverine movie looks better.Hugh Jackman recently had a chat with MTV about his new Wolverine movie and he discusses characters such as Gambit and the long awaited Deadpool. From what it sounds like the rumors I have been hearing about Deadpool being changed are true because Jackman confirms it.

"I have to be very careful how I talk about Deadpool, because it's something I'm really excited about in the movie, where it plays and how it plays," hinted Jackman. "The things I'm thinking about now I don't want to tell you because the fans will go ‘Awwww, that's cool'... Actually some fans might be pissed off but that's ok. I think they'll understand why we did it. We took some creative licenses with him."

They took some creative licenses with Deadpool huh? Well hell yeah the fans are going to be pissed! I don't think some fans are going to be pissed, I think the majority of them will be pissed when they see what you did to him. Word on the street is his personality is not the wise crack, crazy guy that he is in the comics.

They took the liberty to change one of the most bad-ass lively popular characters in the Marvel universe and turn him into something that he never was. And you know what? It's not cool Hugh, and you know it! Ryan Reynolds knows it to! I was hoping what I heard about this new Deadpool was wrong, but it looks like it's not. Marvel didn't like the new Deadpool.

As for Gambit a mutant from the bayous of Louisiana who has the ability to manipulate kinetic energy played by Taylor Kitsch from what I have seen he may steal the show. Here is what Jackman says about Gambit:

"He's a little more showy than Wolverine, but there's a similarity," said Jackman. "They're outsiders, they're wise-cracking, they're anti-authority. They have a dynamic where they love giving each other s-t. There's some good stuff in there. And they get a fight, the two of them get a fight. I'm really, really happy with the dynamic between the two."

As for the future of Wolverine movie Jackman would like to take him to Japan.

"When I was doing ‘X-Men' I was obsessed with reading the Japanese story," said Jackman. "It gave me a lot of great inspiration for the character and I've forever been banging onto people about that. It's the coolest - and can you imagine visually? I can see the comedy of him training with the Samurai. I can just see it working."

I am disappointed in what I am hearing and seeing on this movie. Of course everyone involved is going to hype it up because they want it to do well, but what good is the hype when we go to the movies to discover it blows. I am sure it will be a fun mediocre film that is going to piss a lot of fans off.

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