Save Pushing Daisies!

by Jordan Hess

It seems self-evident that one would be considered a fool if they were to cast a pearl back to sea, and thus I call ABC's Corporate Head's fools. For them to throw away such a marvelous show, that show of course being Pushing Daisies, demonstrates a complete ineptitude that is sadly, quite often seen in the Corporate Head Honchos of Network Television. Pushing Daisies is a delightful show that tickles your imagination with awkward glee and sends your mind racing down previously unimaginable paths. It is a wonderful combination of wit, romance and mystery that leaves you feeling uplifted and anxiously awaiting the next episode.

Although it seems most definite that this show will be canceled, there remains a shred of hope. I stumbled upon a petition called Save ABC's Pushing Daisies, to which one can sign to show their support for the show. I found this petition by reading through a couple articles at E! Online, one of which being Did ABC Just Cancel Pushing Daisies?!, and the other Pushing Daisies Is in Danger! Can It Be Saved?. The second articles also mentions "The Plan", which is a list of things you can do to keep this show on the air. I'll paste it below but I implore you to also check out those articles.

  • SIGN UP: Sign the Save Daises online petition.

  • TUNE IN: Tonight, watch the show. Live. In your house. Look for the glowing box that receives pictures via bunny ears, a satellite or a coaxial cable coming out of the wall. (Everything else on TV at that time? Obama, Obama and then more Obama. So there's no downside for you—you won't miss any other show—and the upside is that the show's prospects might perk up!) For that matter, email five of your friends right now and tell them to watch, especially if you happen to know anyone who has one of those magical Nielsen boxes.

  • TURN ON: Go to and play old episodes. If you have some spare change, download a few from iTunes. If Daisies brings in enough digital dime, that revenue might offset the on-air losses.

  • REACH OUT: Contact ABC online or use the quaint ol' post office to send a letter explaining, in your own passionate but polite words, why and how Daisies is the birdhouse in your soul. The address for ABC is 500 S. Buena Vista St., Burbank, CA 91521-4551.

  • PUSH THOSE DAISIES: There are 23,000 species in the daisy family of flowers, including marigolds, coneflowers, sunflowers, chamomile, chrysanthemums, dahlias and zinnias. Send a bunch of your faves to ABC, or better yet, send flower seeds. They're light and therefore cheap to ship. Seeds last for years and won't go bad or go to waste, and they could be planted to grow into something beautiful in the spring. Don't forget to include a note explaining that this is for the love of Daisies!

If you have not seen Pushing Daisies or you have only seen the show in passing, I urge you to head over to ABC's Website, click on "free episodes", and select "Pushing Daisies" from the pop-up menu. Not only can you find episodes for pushing daisies but also many other shows from ABC's lineup. If you have a fast enough internet connection and good computer you can even watch these episodes in High Definition.

Save this show people. You will not regret it.

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