Update on Sylvester Stallone's 'EXPENDABLES' film

by Joey Paur

We reported earlier that Sylvester Stallone was making a new movie called 'The Expendables' and that Jet Li and Jason Statham have joined the cast. Today we have some new casting news for you thanks to AICN.

Dolph Lundgren has joined the cast along with UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Courture! The only person this movie is missing is Arnold Schwartzenegger. Stallone is hoping this will help boost Coutures movie career. 

If thats not enough Forrest Whittaker has also been cast in the film!

Now here is the best part of the news: Jet Li and Dolph Lundgren will fight each other in the movie! 'The Expendables' is just sounding better and better! I can't wait to see this thing! It is going to be one solid movie of badassery! 

The movie is about a team of mercenaries on a mission to overthrow a South American dictator.

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