Purple Suited Hero 'The Phantom' gets another Movie

by Joey Paur


Australia producer Bruce Sherlock takes another stab at making ‘The Phantom'. I don't know about you but I thought the first Phantom film sucked. The Phantom in general is a character that just holds no interest for me, but here it comes again.

Australian production company Sherlock Symington Productions has secured the rights to ‘The Phantom Legacy'. Bruce Sherlock who also worked on the first Phantom film will be getting this one off the ground as well with a crazy big budget and described by thewest.com as:

...a $130 million special effects-laden blockbuster that they say will shine the spotlight on some of the best actors and film crews in the country.

That is the country of Australia. Sherlock wants to improve upon what they did for the original film, which had a very limited budget.

"It's a better budget this time and also I just feel very comfortable with the script. I think we did it okay before, but I really, honestly, feel we can do it better. A lot better."

So what is the inspiration for this new Phantom movie? The Dark Knight of course. Everyone wants to make the next big Dark Knight movie, but I can tell you now ‘The Phantom' isn't going to be the one. Maybe they will give him a darker purple suit.

This new film has been written by Tim Boyle who will also most likely direct it. It will focus on the father/son relationship and what it means to the Phantom.

"The film will be set in the present day and will deal with the concept of destiny," Mr Boyle said.

Apparently producers are working on bringing in Australia's top talent for this one, and the whole thing will be shot there as well. Sherlock said the film was a win for the Australian film industry.

"We're really, really excited about it," Mr Sherlock said. We feel we have a blockbuster and...we just really wanted to take advantage of top cinematographers and talent in Australia."

The purple suited hero is the 21st in a family of men who have passed the task of fighting greed, corruption and cruelty onto their sons.

So there you have it! Personally I don't think they will make their money back. What are your thoughts?

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