Rob Zombie is Officially back to F-up another Halloween Movie

by Joey Paur

It was rumored not to long ago that Rob Zombie would be coming back to direct a sequel to his first awful attempt at Halloween, and now he officially gets to continue the re-vamped franchise that he destroyed. Variety Reports:

Zombie will write and direct "H2," the sequel to his 2007 reinvention of the John Carpenter horror classic. Production will begin in March.

Don't you just love how they are calling it 'H2'?

The new film picks up right as the first remake ended, following the aftermath of Michael Myers' murderous rampage through the eyes of the sister he hunted.

Zombie said it won't resemble the original second installment, as the "House of 1000 Corpses" helmer continues to take the franchise in different directions.

Well, the first one didn't resemble the original first installment either so I wouldn't expect the second film to either. 

Zombie took Carpenter's original and stamped it with an original storyline that treated Myers as a clinical psychopath. The film grossed $60 million domestically in 2007.

Zombie had told Dimension chief and TWC co-chairman Bob Weinstein he wanted nothing to do with a sequel. But just like the franchise's villain, Zombie was compelled to come back.

He was compelled? Did he need the money?

"I was so burned out. (But) I took a long break, made a record and I got excited again," Zombie said. "Now, we'll be hauling ass, and that's the problem making a movie called 'Halloween': If you come out Nov. 1 or after, nobody cares. If it was called anything else, I'd be fine."

So they are going to rush this thing into production to get it done before next Halloween. It will probably end up worse than the last one. Do you think his sequel will make more than $60 million?

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