Trailer: Eden Log - a sci-fi noir film

by Joey Paur

I got a trailer for this new French film coming out in February called 'Eden Log'. This is the first time I have heard of this movie but it looks like a pretty cool little horror/Sci-Fi noir film. Tanks to IGN we have our first look at the US trailer for the movie.

A man wakes up naked, deep in a dark cave. He's cold, in mud, and has no idea what brought him here, nor what happened to the dead man next to him. Around him, darkness and ruins of an ancient underground world, haunted by phantoms of an obsolete technology and by terrible, wild creatures chasing him. To find out who he is, Tolbiac will have to get to the surface, through this strange network of galleries, abandoned by a mysterious organization called Eden Log.

What do you think?

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