David Fincher talks a little bit about ‘Torso’

by Joey Paur


‘Torso’ will be David Finchers first attempt at a comic book movie, and I couldn’t be more excited for it. His movie will be called ‘Ness’ which is based on the comic book series from Brian Benis and Marc Andreyko. Sounds like Fincher will bring an interesting perspective to the film. He tells MTV:

“I loved [comic books] as an eight year old, but I was pretty much over it by the time I was 11, There’s so little dialogue in comic book movies that isn’t about narrative, where you have to be next, and how to get the talisman and why it has to be in a leadlined box. Maybe this is my own cynical nature but I feel like most of the time people speak it’s to position an understanding. I’m less interested in what characters say in a movie than what their faces look like while they’re saying it. I’m always more interested in how people lie than how they tell the truth.”

From his comment will Fincher deliver a groundbreaking approach to directing his first comic book film? Fincher has made something perfectly clear and that is fans of the comic shouldn’t expecta faithful adaptation.

“Not to take anything away from Bendis, who did an amazing thing, but it’s a pretty complete reimagining of it, Certainly from a stylistic standpoint it will be Bendis’ world, but from a story standpoint, it’s not just Ness in the moment. It’s not a linear chronology. It’s more like ‘Rashomon’ or ‘Citizen Kane.’ It’s an exploded version of it.”

I like that… ‘exploded version’. I have not read ‘Torso’ myself yet, so if you have, is this type of thing going to piss you off? I find the story fascinating and I think David Fincher is an incredible director, so I could be more excited to see it.

If your not sure what the it’s about, it’s a true story that follow U.S. Treasury Department agent Eliot Ness who becomes a public safety officer in Cleveland where he assembles a team of retired cops to find a serial murderer who dumps his victims torsos in the river.

I’m sold.

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